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On July 13, Microsoft will officially retire Windows XP Service Pack 2. Although it will continue to provide security updates for XP Service Pack 3, it will stop providing patches for the older SP2. Microsoft offers support for its products for five years and extended support for another five years. For XP SP2, that journey comes to an end on July 13. Windows XP 3 will be supported until April 2014. Microsoft issues security updates and other core operating system patches every second Tuesday of the month, known as Patch Tuesday. Whereas most home users typically install these patches automatically, corporate users usually install service packs and security updates manually and only after extensive testing. For large corporate environments, operating system upgrades are often a very perilous and expensive exercise. According to security risk and compliance managemen... (more)

Moving Data Storage to the Cloud? What’s Your Business Continuity Plan?

  Many trumpet increased availability as a reason to move to the cloud but what happens when your cloud provider is no longer available? Some companies are faced with this very question this week as storage provider, EMC announced its plan to shut down its Atmos Online cloud storage service immediately, according to a posting on its website. EMC launched Atmos Online in May 2009, calling it "Cloud Optimized Storage [with] capabilities that can scale effectively, coupled with security and management tools." This placed EMC in direct competition with some of its service provider par... (more) Hackers r… Hackers release new version of iPhone Jailbreak app, @networkworld Related posts:Hacker who unlocked iPhone breaks into PlayStation 3 5 Open Source Alternatives to Microsoft Office Staying safe on public Wi-Fi ... (more)

The Real Arguments for Cloud Computing

As more vendors dive into the cloud computing market, every possible claim regarding the supposed benefits of moving to a cloud-based service is being made.  I ran across an article titled ” Why Cloud-based Monitoring is more reliable and secure than Nagios. ” The author, who represented a cloud-based network monitoring company, contended that the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model offered by his company was better for companies than Nagios and other open source products. The question is not  Cloud Computing vs. Open Source.  In fact, there are open source SaaS providers like Mi... (more)

Cyber Security Alliance Helps Small Businesses Address Security Risks

Across all industries, small businesses are increasingly facing new threats related to cyber security. Whereas some have taken minimum steps to address these threats but most have not. New security threats and incidents are reported every day in news reports and a many remain unreported. This underscores the need for cyber security education of small business owners and managers. These threats have potentially serious consequences and could lead to unrecoverable damage to small businesses. What are some consequences of the lack of basic cyber security controls? Loss or stolen cus... (more)